Making Money Online Has Suddenly Got A Lot Easier!     

Private Label Rights Made Effortless!
At Last.. An Easy Way To Sell
High-Quality In-Demand Info Products.
And I'll Do All The Work For You!

No Need To Hunt For Good Stuff To Sell.
No Need To Build A Website.
And I'll Give You A Ton Of
Other High Quality Products - Every Month!

Ian TraynorFrom The Webmaster's Desk Of Ian Traynor

Dear Fellow Internet Marketer

I've been a "newbie"! Everyone starting out in trying to make money online has been a "newbie" - struggling to take the first steps to get that first check or that first deposit in their PayPal account. I can tell you. it can be very hard!

And I know, from all the emails I get, that a lot of people face the same sort of problems that I faced when starting to get established online.

Let me spell out what I have found to be the main problems which face many people when they try to make money online. Just tick the boxes which apply to you..

Finding good stuff to sell. Frankly, there's a lot of rubbish out there, and there's a load of people trying to sell the same old, tired products. It can be done, but it's hard work.

The techie stuff. Creating a sales page. Setting up a payment and delivery system. Finding and using a web hosting company. HTML. FTP. PHP - and all the rest!

Generating traffic and getting people to visit your sales page. OK, so you can manage the two things above. Then what? Few visitors = even fewer sales.

Taking ACTION! Finding time. Finding motivation to do something. Getting off your a** and taking action. Sorry - but I'm being frank here. Right, so problems with the above three areas are de-motivating. So the usual reaction is "Heck, I'm getting nowhere. Why bother?"

I really understand the last problem. I know of many, many people who have read all the latest "guru secrets", who've bought into the latest "Super Mega Launch". I've exchanged emails with them. I've talked to them on forums. I've phoned some of them. And I've met quite a few face-to-face.

And I've lost some of them.

#1 reason for unsubscribing from my "Marketing Update" newsletter.. "Ian, sorry, but I've tried everything I can, and I still can't make any money out of marketing online".

That is so sad, because I know it can be done - I've been making a full-time living online for years. And I've been able, with my software and training products, to help many people to get off the ground with internet marketing.

But I've not been doing enough. I know that. I've seen too many failures.

Right - That's Going To Change - RIGHT Now!

It's taken me a while to find a solution, but I reckon I've sorted things out! I'm inviting you to join my..

Ian Traynor's Private PLR ClubPrivate PLR Club
Over Three Years Old And Still Going Strong!
(Est. June 2009)

Each and every Member of my Club gets a regular monthly supply of new products to sell. And every Member gets a fully-automated website to sell new reports branded with your web store web address.

Let me tell you what skills and resources you need to set up such a web store:

* A computer with internet access. Well, you've got this, or you wouldn't be reading this page :-)

* A PayPal account where you can receive payments. You can't join my Club anyway without a PayPal account!

* The typing ability to be able to fill in three boxes on a web page.. like this:

Just fill in these 3 boxes!

And that's it! Have I got your attention and interest now? Because you're going to get a whole lot more from your Membership! Let me describe what waits for you inside your Members Area. There's a huge amount.

And, to save you the trouble of the usual scrolling down to find out the price, let me tell you now that it's less than $20 per month!

"The value I get from your Private PLR Club is tremendous"

Ben PostonHi Ian

I just wanted to tell you just how much I'm enjoying your Private PLR Club.

You've really outdone yourself with this one. Of course you keep "outdoing yourself" all the time lately :-)

Anyway, the value I get from the Private PLR Club is tremendous. Not only am I getting some absolutely wonderful PLR reports (and great videos too!), I'm also learning a lot from every one of them!

Ian, thank again for giving us a such a great resource of money-making information.
Ben Poston
Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

All testimonials are from Private PLR Club Members.      


OK, here we go:

Here's What You Get From
Your Membership Of My Club..

Membership Benefit #1:
A Brand New Brandable "Hot Topic" Report Each Month

Twitter Marketing For NewbiesDid you tick the first box above: "Finding good stuff to sell"?

OK, you can pick up any number of reports / eBooks with Resale Rights. So can anyone else. So many people are trying to sell the same old, tired products. You can break free from this circle. You can stand above the rest of the crowd.

The report that you get each month is brand new! There's a sample cover on the right ->

And it's high quality. Each report is around 30 - 50 pages long, and comes with its own professionally Contentswritten sales page and professionally designed graphics.

Here's an example: - "Successful Email Marketing" . The report is 34 pages long. You can see the cover graphic above.

And you can see the contents page for this report here, on the left.

Of course, these reports are valuable reading for yourself. But they are also highly saleable.

And with each report comes a great viral marketing opportunity. Because you can brand each report with your own website link. Brandable linkHere's how it appears on the cover of each Report (see on the right). And it's a very simple job to brand the report with the special Members Branding Tool which I give to each Member.

How does the viral marketing opportunity work? Simple! You sell the report with Resale / Master Resale Rights and each copy which gets distributed is branded with your website link. And you can distribute these reports complete with a pre-made reselling website, so it makes easier for your customers to sell your branded reports

Can't be bothered? No worries. See Membership Benefit #3 below!

Membership Benefit #2:
A Growing Collection Of "Hot Topic" Special Reports

OK, so you join my Club and get the current monthly "Hot Topic" Report. Not much of a deal, is it?

But I'm NOT going to leave you with such a tiny inventory!     

I've pre-loaded your Members Area with a minimum of 50 additional brandable "Hot Topic" Special Reports. It could be more. It certainly won't be less! And it'll increase each and every month.

As soon as you join my Private PLR Club you'll get immediate access to all these titles, in addition to the current "Hot Topic" Report.. and a lot more besides. Here's just a few of the Reports in Members' Automated Stores:

Special Report Covers* "Viral Traffic Strategies"
* "Ultimate Keyword Profits"
* "Repeat Profits Goldmine"
* "Affiliate Success Strategies"
* "CPA Profit Formula"
* "The Affiliate Recruitment Report"
* "Article Marketing Secrets"
* "Website Gold - Monetize Sites Now"
* "List Building Power Secrets"
* "Social Bookmark Secrets"
* "The Newbie FastTrack Guide"
* "The Affiliate Guide To Non-Digital Sales"
* "Article Traffic Power Tips"
*  "Maximize Profits By Simple Tracking"
*  "Twitter Marketing For Newbies"
*  "List Building Fast Track"
*  "Build Your Business With Wordpress"
*  "The Outsourcing & Automation Report"
*  "Online Business Quick Start Guide"
* "Let's Create An eCommerce Site"
* "The Power Guide To Free Traffic"
* "The Newbies Guide To Making Sales"
* "SEO For Newbies "
* "Low Prices For Big Profits"
* "Blogging For Easy Money"
* "Successful Email Marketing"
* "The Black Hat SEO Guide
* "The Newbies Guide To Sales Funnels"
* "Research Your Way To Big Profits"
* "Let's Build A Membership Site"
* "Effective Sales Page Secrets"
* "Newbies Guide to Pay Per Click"

A Recent Hot Topic Title
"Affiliate Niche Marketing"

Each "Hot Topic Report" comes with a pre-made sales page, which you can give to your customers - and each report can be branded with your website link.

Even better - and your customers will love you for this - each report comes with Master Resale Rights! So your customers can also sell the reports.

But what if you:

:-( Can't be bothered with this work?

:-( Don't have the time to do this work?

:-( Don't have your own web space?

:-( Don't know how to set up a sales page or set up a payment mechanism?

Stand by.. because here's where I remove all those reasons / excuses! I'm doing (nearly) all the work for you. Read on..

Membership Benefit #3:
A Completely Automated Online Store To Sell Your "Hot Topic" Special Reports

Remember those three boxes I mentioned above? Here they are again:

Just fill in these 3 boxes!

Special Report Sales PagesFill them in. Just the once. And your store is built!

*  The monthly Special Report is added automatically to your store as soon as it is released.

*  Each Special Report has its own professionally written sales page and professionally designed cover graphic.

*  Each page has a "Buy Button", pre-coded to pay into your PayPal account

*  Each page has your name at the top - and at the end of the sales pages

* Once your customer has paid you, your online store delivers the product to them automatically

* Each report that customers download automatically has a link back to your store embedded in the PDF file. So you
don't even have to rebrand them manually

That's right - you don't need to lift a finger!      

All you need to do is to send people to your site - and I'll deal with that problem in a minute (see "Membership Benefit #9" below).

"This automated store is the easiest online shop I have ever attempted."

John KirkHi Ian

When you first opened up your "Private PLR Club", I didn't hesitate to join. What suprised me was the price! I've seen much less in quantity and much poorer quality sold for one hell of a lot more money than this.

All modules are brilliant but my favourite is the Automated 'ProfitsFastTrack Store'.

I am, by nature, an idle sod! Work fascinates me - I could watch people doing it for hours - but take part.. me, no thanks! This automated store is the easiest on-line shop I have ever attempted. It took me no more than a couple of minutes and there it was, magic! And it updates itself every month, I haven't touched it since I set it up.

The other thing I like is the great mix between stuff to sell and stuff to give away for optins and bonuses, it really is everything you need in one big box.

Thanks, Ian! Your Private PLR Club is terrific value.

John Kirk
Lincoln, England

All testimonials are from Private PLR Club Members.      


Membership Benefit #4:
Monthly Internet Marketing Reports
With Full Private Label Rights And Master Resale Rights

Internet Marketing Reports

In addition to the monthly premium rebrandable report, you will get at least two (often a lot more) Internet Marketing Reports with full Private Label Rights - each and every month! And you'll get additional reports with Master Resale Rights. You can see some of the titles for a recent month above.

* Each PLR report is supplied in editable .doc or .txt format - so you can change it in whatever way you like. If you don't have Microsoft "Word", I'll show you where you can download a free, high-quality alternative.

* Add affiliate links, links to your own website, adverts for product.. these reports are your own roving salesman, traveling around the world!

* When you've finished editing the file, lock it up in a PDF file, which no-one else can edit. I'll show you how to get the free software to do this job with a click of a button,

* Each report comes with high-quality graphics. Most of them come with a sales page or a "squeeze page" to persuade people to sign up to your newsletter.

* Each report comes with full Give-Away rights or Master Resale Rights Since they are high quality, people will be only too pleased to hand them out - complete with all the links that you've put in.

* Another idea - break the reports up into articles, edit them a bit to make them unique, and submit them to article directories. Links to your websites, or whatever, will appear at the end of each article. There could be thousands of people reading these articles! (Hint: "Article Marketing Secrets", included in Membership Benefit #2 - see above - will help you to exploit this strategy)

So, each month you get these high-quality "viral marketing" tools. If 50 people downloaded each report, gave it to five people, who passed it on to another five people, that's 1,250 copies of each report advertising whatever you want!

"What Easier Way Is There To Make Money!"

Manford WoodIan

Can I just say a big thank-you for the outstanding value you provide
through the PLR Club.

It's quite amazing the variety of products you provide for us to use.

I love the fact I can repurpose the products any way I want, depending on the license terms, to create my own products.

Already this year, I've taken content from three related products and combined them, after a little reworking, to create something new and

What easier way is there to make money!

Thanks once again Ian, and keep 'em coming!

Frank Edwards
Dover, UK

All testimonials are from Private PLR Club Members.      


Membership Benefit #5:
Monthly Niche Marketing Reports With Full Private Label Rights

Niche PLR Reports

Yes, the market for internet marketing products is huge. But there's an even bigger world out there! And I'm going to help you tap into it..     

Each month you'll get at least three reports with full Private Label Rights. And sometimes I might throw in one or two extra bonus reports - and some with Master Resale Rights!

As with the internet marketing PLR reports, each niche report comes with:

* An editable file in .doc format

* A professionally written sales page

* High quality professionally designed graphics

Each of these reports targets carefully selected, large, in-demand niche markets. See the eCovers above for some examples of these reports And you'll usually get additional Niche Reports with Master Resale Rights.

And they are all highly saleable! Remember, you'll get at least three of these PLR Niche Reports every month.       

"Your Private PLR Club has helped me a great deal"

Manford WoodHi Ian

I am a 66-years-young retired truck driver trying to make up the funds to add to my retirement income.

Your Private PLR Club has helped me a great deal. Not only did I get an up-and-running money making site, but the help and videos you included have also helped me in my other web sites and Wordpress blogs as well.

You give your Members software, articles and other great stuff which help me to learn a lot more. And you don't leave things out like most so-called Guru's do!

Manford Wood
Neosho, Missouri, USA

All testimonials are from Private PLR Club Members.      


Membership Benefit #6:
Video Sets With Resale Rights

Each month you'll get a brand-new video set, crammed with highly usable marketing tips. These video sets will easily sell for $47 or more! Here's an example of one of the video sets (see below for this month's video set):

Video Set

Each video set comes with:

Video graphics* All the videos in the set each wrapped up with their ready-to-play HTML file in separate zip files (much easier for you and your customers to download).

* A transcript of the content of the videos.

* High quality, professionally designed graphics.

* Video sales pageA professionally designed sales page in both HTML and WordPress format.

There's HUGE value in these video sets. And you get a brand-new set each and every month!

A Recent Title:
"Creating Facebook Fan Pages"
(And you can, of course, use this training yourself!)

"There is so much quality stuff to download that it took me over an hour to save it to my hard drive!"

Jackie BigfordDear Ian

As a regular subscriber for the many years of your former "Marketing Update Newsletter" I have been constantly amazed at the amount of quality free reports, tools and software that you provide - and even more to your "Special Subscribers" (also free!)

When your Private PLR Club opened again this week (June 2009) I jumped on it. There is so much quality stuff to download it took me over an hour to save it to my hard drive.

Already, this month's reports and videos will pay for themselves. As a Newbie, I especially appreciate the automated sales site, chock full of excellent reports. I give your Club the highest recommendation possible. I take my hat off to you, Professor Ian! You stand for Integrity in this overcrowded field of Internet Marketing Gurus.

Jackie Bigford
Ottawa, Canada

PS: This doesn't even begin to cover everything that you will get, and no, I am not an affiliate for Ian

All testimonials are from Private PLR Club Members.      


Membership Benefit #7:
200 Private Label Rights Articles Each Month

Each month I'll give you at least 200 articles with nearly unrestricted Private Label Rights. You can do almost anything you like with them - except give them away.

And they are not just random articles. They cover specific niches.

You'll get 25 articles a month for each of these niches, covering at least 8 niches per month. Just think about it.. You can set up blogs for any or all of these niches, monetize them with AdSense or other advertising programs, and perhaps some affiliate links - and you'll never need to worry about getting fresh, new content for these profitable blogs. I'll provide it all for you! Recent niches covered have been "Boating", "Gourmet Food", "Holiday Destinations" and "Outdoor Activities".

And you also get my personal, unique guide on how to make the most from Private Label Rights Articles!

Membership Benefit #8:
My Internet Marketing Training Library

Ian Traynor - The Teacher!As much as I'd like to help you personally, this is not physically possible! So I've done the next best thing..

I'm giving all Members access to my Internet Marketing Training Library.  If you need more traffic to your site, want to know how to build a blog - and tackle a host of internet marketing issues, this is your starting point.

In the downloadable Training Reports you'll be able to learn about:

You get This report!   Website Traffic: getting visitors to your site (2 Reports, 96 pages)

You get This report!   Search Engines and Search Engine Optimisation: get your website more visible in the search engines (174 pages)

You get This report!   Google Adsense: how to make more money from your websites with this advertising technique (28 pages)

You get This report!   Blogging: how to easily create blogs - and monetize them (26 pages)

You get This report!   Podcasting: how to make "podcasts" (downloadable audios) - and how to profit from them (23 pages)

You get This report!   Ezines and Newsletters: what you should write, how to get subscribers - and how to make money from your newsletters (148 pages)

You get This report!   eBook Marketing: a step-by-step process for creating and marketing your own profitable eBook (168 pages)

You get This report!   Ghostwriters: if you struggle to write an eBook, why not hire a "ghostwriter" to do the job for you. The Report describes how to do just that (24 pages)

You get This report!   Making Software: a profitable activity if you can do it (if not, hire a coder). This is an outline guide to the processes involved (26 pages)

You get This report!  eBay: there are fortunes being made on eBay right now. Learn how to create profitable auctions with this Training Report (31 pages)

You get This report!   Computer Security: without a computer your internet marketing career is over. Learn how to protect your computer from spyware, adware and malware (22 pages)

You get This report!   Advertising Offline: you're missing a few tricks if you're not advertising in the "real world"! There's plenty of strategies outlined in this report (25 pages)

You get This report!   Paid Membership Sites: how to start one - just like me! Covers types of sites and niches, what you need, promotion, content and more (191 pages)

That's nearly 1,000 pages of no-fluff training at your disposal!

(Please note that these reports are for your personal use only, and must not be distributed)

"I have a MAJOR complaint about you.. you grossly understate what you are offering!"

Nadine HeugelHi Ian

I was a subscriber of your former "Marketing Update" newsletter for almost 5 years now – a testament in itself!

When you first announced your Private PLR Club, I asked many questions. I compared your Club with that of many other online marketers, also offering a ‘do-it-all-for-you’ solution for PLR products, but still I did not join with the first intake.

However, I did join as part of your 2nd intake, which leads me to a major complaint I have about you..

You grossly understated what you are offering - in stark contrast to many other IM’ers!

True to form, this is assuredly the case with your Private PLR Club. Above all, the comprehensive training afforded to members is without doubt, first class and all encompassing.

I thoroughly endorse your Private PLR Club, for both Newbies and more experienced Marketers alike.

Nadine Huegel
Sydney, NSW, Australia

All testimonials are from Private PLR Club Members.      


Training videosMembership Benefit #9:
Membership Training Videos

I'm producing these videos to help you get the best out of your Membership of my Private PLR Club.

Sometimes, reading about how to do something is not enough - we need to be shown how to carry out certain tasks.

This video collection will grow in the coming months - and yes, I will be responding to requests from Members for videos about specific topics and techniques.

No quite "video on demand", but you get the idea!

Training videosMembership Benefit #10:
"Boot Camp" Training

I realised that many of my Members needed some basic training in the many "techie" skills needed to get up to speed with internet marketing.

So I added my "Boot Camp" training module.. 70 short training videos organised in 11 courses, covering a huge variety of topics such as:

*Basic HTML

*Basic & Advanced Webmaster Tasks

*Keywords & Search Engine Optimisation

*Copywriting, Tracking & Testing

*Mastering Graphics For The Web

*Email Marketing

*Affiliate Marketing

... and a lot more!

Each video is accompanied by my text comments - and there's a Resource Library and Download Library to give you access to tools referred to in the videos.

The Online Resources AreaMembership Benefit #11:
The Online Resources Area

Since I've been building websites since 1996 and selling online since 1999, you can imagine that I've built up huge lists of resources I can use. And, since I'm a "cheapskate" :-), many of these resources are completely free.

And I've started to transfer some of the best of these into the Resources area of my Private PLR Club. I've also included access to one of my popular and practical reports, "Essential Tools For Newbie Webmasters". All of this, again, is aimed at helping you to get the most out of your Membership.

Although there's some great stuff already in the Resources Area, these resources are going to grow and grow in the coming months.     

"This has now become a vital part of my business"

Kevin RichardsonIan

Content creation is critical to any successful internet marketer. I get a constant supply of quality content from the PLR Club every month for my niche with next to no effort and this has now become a vital part of my business.

I particularly like the variety of the content (articles, reports as well as videos) often With ready made sales letters. Equally I also like the ideas often supplied about ways to monetize the content.

If you are a 'newbie' you will love the automated store supplied as part of the membership, this aspect alone is worth the price of membership.

Thank you Ian.

Kevin Richardson
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

All testimonials are from Private PLR Club Members.     


Membership Benefit #12:
A Huge Mega Bonus!

Huge Mega Bonus PackageThis is a HUGE download (over 40 Mb), with enough content to keep you going for months! The graphic on the right really doesn't do justice to the huge variety of goodies available to you right now inside the Members Area! In a nutshell, here's what you're getting:

* 1,200 "Quick Tips" covering 6 areas of internet marketing.. Adsense, blogging, article writing and so on.

* 750 "Traffic Tactics" tips, in 6 volumes

* 1,500 "Secret Marketing Strategies", in 9 volumes

* "IM Minisites ProPak" - no fewer than 50 minisite templates. Use them (there's plenty of choice!) and / or resell them!

* "Super Money Emails" - 50 high-converting autoresponder messages, covering five different areas of your internet business.

* "Theme Template Packages" - 45 templates each for the areas of "Business", "Computing", "Health", "Sport" and "Travel". That's over 200 website templates. Even better, each template comes in 3 "flavours".. HTML, WordPress and Joomla. Surely you can find something to suit you! Better still, you get Resale Rights to the whole package!

* "Video Squeeze Page Templates" - five of them, each in a choice of colours. Use them (with your videos) to get subscribers. Or sell them to make money. The choice is yours!

And all of these products come with Resale / Give-Away rights.

"Your automated system has made my life a lot easier!"

Leon HortonI like the unique content that you offer at your Private PLR
Keep up the GREAT WORK in offering us the ability to sell your Special Reports every month and to actually make money as a result.

Your automated system has made my life a lot easier! I know that I could not have put together a better automated system for my members!


Leon Horton
Lebanon, TN, USA

All testimonials are from Private PLR Club Members.     


Membership Benefit #13:
On-Going Bonuses

I am scouring the web on a weekly, sometimes a daily basis, looking for products which I can give to both Subscribers and "Special Subscribers" of my former "Marketing Update" newsletter. Unfortunately, a lot of the good stuff I find has license terms such as:

[NO] Can give away for free
[NO] Can add to a free membership site

.. so I can't let my subscribers have these product, great though they are.

But there are many products whose license terms say:

[YES] Can add to a paid membership site

And those are the sort of goodies which I'm adding regularly to my Private PLR Club, for the benefit of its Members. There are already some great products waiting for you in the "Additional Downloads" area in the Club Members site. And what are these extra bonus downloads?

C'mon, I want to keep a few secrets :-)! But I'll tell you that one of them is a superb package which includes an eBook, some software, a "mind map", a superb sales page (yes, you get Resale Rights) and, wait for it.. 7,000 Private Label Rights articles covering nearly 400 niches!      

Membership Benefit #14:

Ian Traynor - in a box?No, you're NOT going to get ME in a box :-)! Not quite! But you're going to get the next best thing.

1) My Monthly Guidance Notes
Each month, in the Members Area, there's a special section where I give specific advice on how to get the best out of each of the current month's new products. Unlike some sites, I don't just give you a whole lot of stuff to download and leave you struggling to know what to do with it all! No, I'm here to help you make your Membership of my Club be profitable for you!

2) My One-To-One Help
Inside the Members Area there's a "Contact" link, which takes you to a private email address which I've set up especially for Members of my Private PLR Club. And I've set my aggressive email filter to let through any emails to this address to make sure that I get them.

You'll be able to use this email address to:

* Ask for help with any technical problems.

* Ask for my advice on any internet marketing issues.

* Request a video to be made on any relevant topic

* Suggest a product to be added as one of the On-Going Bonuses

* Raise any other issue in connection with my Private PLR Club

And I'll do my best to respond as quickly as possible. I really pride myself on my customer service - not like some people I'm sure you've come across!

"Your personal help is the best support I've ever seen"

John WitherspoonHi Ian,

You've outdone yourself again, and over-delivered, as usual.

The Private PLR Club is full of great products, especially some of the software.

I can't believe that you're letting us in for the price you are asking for all that's in there

And your personal help to Members is the best support I've ever seen.

I'm so glad that you are continuing to keep the Club running and giving increasing value to us Members.

Kind Regards

John Witherspoon
Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

All testimonials are from Private PLR Club Members.      


Phew! That's a heck of a lot to take in. This must be one of the longest sales pages I've ever written!

"None compare with the added value which your Club supplies"

Ted O'ReillyIan!

I have belonged to other PLR clubs and none compare to the added value which your Club supplies.

Knowing your integrity I look forward to your added content.

Ted O'Reilly
Peterborough, Canada

All testimonials are from Private PLR Club Members.     


So Here's A Quick Summary Of
All The Membership Benefits..

You get this!Membership Benefit #1: A New Brandable "Hot Topic" Report Each Month - it won't have been floating around the web for months. It's brand new. It's got Master Resale Rights. It's a great "viral marketing" tool

You get this!Membership Benefit #2: A Growing Collection Of "Hot Topic" Reports - and I've pre-loaded your Members Area with at least 33 other reports - all brandable, all with Master resale Rights.

You get this!Membership Benefit #3: A Completely Automated Online Store To Sell Your "Hot Topic" Reports - fill in three boxes, click a button and your store is built!. After that, everything is updated automatically with new reports (all branded with a link to your store). This is a superb benefit if you are just starting out in internet marketing - or if you're short of time. And your store is pre-loaded with each and every on of the "Hot Topic" reports!

You get this!Membership Benefit #4: Monthly Internet Marketing Reports With Full Private Label Rights - you get a minimum of two such reports (sometimes more) each and every month/

You get this!Membership Benefit #5: Monthly Niche Marketing Reports With Full Private Label Rights - you get a minimum of three such reports.. and sometimes I might add some bonus PLR reports

You get this!Membership Benefit #6: Video Sets With Resale Rights - you get one of these sets each and every month. You should be able to sell these video sets at $47 a time.

You get this!Membership Benefit #7: At least 200 Private Label Rights Articles Per Month - I'll give you a regular supply of 25 articles per niche for very popular niches, giving you fresh content to fill blogs on these topics every month! 

You get this!Membership Benefit #8: My Internet Marketing Training Library - I'll give you access to nearly 1,000 pages of downloadable training materials, covering a host of internet marketing topics - including the vitally important skill of getting visitors to your websites.

You get this!Membership Benefit #9: Membership Training Videos - I want to make sure that you get the most from your Membership of my Club, so I'm making a series of training videos to help you.

You get this!Membership Benefit #10: "Boot Camp" Training - if you are struggling with the techie stuff, these 70 training videos teach you all you need to know to get any internet marketing system up and running (not just stuff from my Private PLR Club)

You get this!Membership Benefit #11: The Online Resources Area - you get access to some of the free resources I know of to help you to develop your online business - and I'll be adding to this regularly.

You get this!Membership Benefit #12: A Huge Mega Bonus! - nearly 3,500 quick tips covering many different aspects of marketing, plus 50 "minisite" templates, 400 website templates, video squeeze pages.. and more. All come with Resale Rights

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"Thank you for such a FANTASTIC membership site!"

Colin CeresHi Ian,
I just had to drop you a line to say thank you for such a FANTASTIC membership site. The trouble, as you rightly outlined is finding good products to sell if you are a newbie or don't have the time to create your own.

I was a member of another PLR site a few months ago and cancelled my membership because I didn't think I was getting value for money.

I am very happy with what I've seen so far in your Private PLR Club. I know from your previous efforts you are going to make this site even better. My hat off to you sir!

Colin Ceres
London, UK

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Ian Traynor
Ian Traynor
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Karen AdamsHi Ian,

Your Private PLR Club is one of the best bargains I've found on the Internet! I know I'm getting fresh new material every month and it's top of the line. I don't know how you do it.

Now I don't have to look around anymore for worthwhile products to sell or use. I look forward to your announcement of new goodies every month.

Keep up the good work.

Charles Harmon  
Lake Elsinore, CA USA

All testimonials are from Private PLR Club Members.    


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